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Tagged With: Tough Times

Isiolo to Moyale

To say that there is nothing between Isiolo and Moyale would be a lie – there is loads of nothing and luckily a couple of really interesting things in between the nothingness. We travelled for 36 hours nonstop and covered 500km. We bargained and bargained and bargained some more. We didn’t eat much, dreamed of … Continue reading »

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After 14 weeks of travelling with adventurous local dining and countless encounters with runny nosed children, we have miraculously managed to stay in good health.  Sure there has been some discomfort after a couple of ‘interesting’ meals and we have had the odd sore throat but nothing serious, until now. Last week Dorette started to … Continue reading »

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The Best and Worst of Times

Somewhere along the silent mass of Nile-water flowing all the way to Egypt, something snapped. Maybe it was the time we were spending with our overlanding friends, and what is to us their magnitude of comfort and gadgets, or maybe it was just time. Whatever the reason and despite our happiness to be back in … Continue reading »

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Breaking Point

Nairobi’s impressive skyline was still visible behind us when we both realised something serious was about to happen. The back tire felt like it was just missing and stopping seemed impossible – an accident was almost certain. We managed to swerve from the middle lane of the highway to the left but the road was just too … Continue reading »

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Tough Times

Before we embarked on this crazy honeymoon journey we were aware of the ‘hard times’ we would inevitably need to face and battle through. Times that will be a requirement to complete this adventure successfully. We were conscious of the fact that our motorcycle, our own characters and our marriage will be tested and challenged … Continue reading »

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After losing most of our cooking equipment and medical kits we had a lot to do before we could leave Dar es Salaam. The bike wasn’t in the best condition either and the side panniers had to be replaced after the theft. We had managed to find a handful of medicine, the very bare necessities … Continue reading »

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The day before our planned departure from Dar es Salaam we suffered a huge setback. Guillaume took a ride to the city centre to give an old man a pair of welding goggles that we had bought him with some of the money donated by friends and family for this purpose. The man is welding … Continue reading »

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