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The Beginning of The End

At the start of our voyage Guillaume posed a question; when will all of this truly ‘sink in’ for us to comprehend just what we are doing? His thoughts were that as soon as we cross the first border out of South Africa we’ll get it. My answer was that we’ll never really “get it” … Continue reading »

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How to strategically overload a 150cc delivery bike

As far as we’ve been going there has been two things that’s stayed pretty universal. Firstly it is the reaction to our plan. The answer to the simple question, ‘where are you going to?’, is always met with the same reaction, disbelief. Then follows the question … “really, on this?!?” And the answers are always the … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready

It’s been happening slowly but over the past two weeks we have been able to make some progress. We are running out of time at a ridiculous speed and until today most businesses were closed, so at the moment any advancement is great.. Firstly we got our new, empty passports… and then our vaccinations: Luckily we had already gotten … Continue reading »

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A Practice Run

We have the new bike, but there is a bit more to it than just having it. We now have to get used to it, ride it in, revamp it and push it to see where its limits are. So we took it on its “maiden voyage” –  the first long distance trip to a … Continue reading »

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