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Why We Travel – Part Four

Our bike is unrecognisable. Somewhere under layers and layers of paint hides the once very orange body of our trusty steed – beaten up and at places broken by months of driving through the African continent. But you can’t see any of this anymore; all you see is a beautiful mess of colours – on … Continue reading »

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Why we travel: Part Three

We met Hassan Luchi two years ago during our first visit to Kenya on a beach in Tiwi, just outside of Mombasa. Back then we helped him out a bit but weren’t really able to do much and sadly we lost contact after we left – constantly wondering how he is doing. The beaches here … Continue reading »

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Why we Travel – Part 1

There are many reasons to travel and as you all know too well, we are having a ball of a time; discovering, experiencing, relaxing, learning and finding adventures. This said, from the very start of this undertaking we knew our path would cross with so many people are in need and as often as possible, … Continue reading »

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On a more Serious Note

As you travel you see it so often. Hunger, poverty, people struggling to survive. Especially in Africa… the face of this continent is hardship. You chat to people and it’s the same story; there just is not enough money and work for them to get by on. So, we learn to get tough. It’s life, … Continue reading »

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