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The Fat Boy Sings

Yes, we have reached the end of the line for our wonderful bike. It is Egypt, but not exactly the way we had wanted it to be. Turns out that the cost of a Carnet for Egypt, plus all the extra costs at the border, adds up to much more than the current value of … Continue reading »

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Getting into Sudan proved to be more of a challenge than what we expected. We were greeted by a short, dark soldier with a very firm and final “no” and that seemed to be the end of it. To add injury to his insulting snub we had already been stamped out of Ethiopia and were … Continue reading »

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Interesting Times

The only thing worse than the layers of dust on and in everything after northern Kenya, we discovered, are the icy cold showers of Ethiopia’s rainy season.  There were times of extreme discomfort, freezing moments when only the small fires of local Samaritans provided relief and lots, and lots of shivering.  But, we have made … Continue reading »

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Isiolo to Moyale

To say that there is nothing between Isiolo and Moyale would be a lie – there is loads of nothing and luckily a couple of really interesting things in between the nothingness. We travelled for 36 hours nonstop and covered 500km. We bargained and bargained and bargained some more. We didn’t eat much, dreamed of … Continue reading »

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It Never Rains

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning to the worst storm we’ve experienced on this trip. The rain was pouring down on the island and instantly we knew the already rough day ahead would get progressively worse if the cloudburst did not subside by morning.  We ended up on this isle somewhere … Continue reading »

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Pearls of Familiarity

Turns out our quest to reach Uganda were a wet and wild one. Last night the rain poured down for hours on end and as the thunder rolled across the White Nile I was thankful that we were not on a cargo ship somewhere on Lake Victoria. Not that we didn’t get our fair share … Continue reading »

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Goodbye Zambia and hello Tanzania

The rain finally subsides and reveals an almost prefect African evening. The full moon lights up the savannah and a couple of persistent clouds hover around the bright ball as it casts a silver light on them. In the distance lightning reminds of the storm that passed and has by now moved on to bless … Continue reading »

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