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Have babies, will travel

Posted by on April 13, 2016
Soon after our wonderful road trip through Morocco, we decided to add to our family once more and we’re happy to announce that a second little traveler is expected in a couple of months! So, naturally, we packed up and took a road trip through four South African provinces for a couple of weeks as we’ll be spending the next three months waiting for the new little arrival … and then getting him/her a passport before we will be able to take another overseas adventure.

Our first born had his first proper outing (to the beach) at just 4 days old and we took our first road trip – a 1800km drive to the West Coast of SA and back again – when he was 5 weeks old.

By his first birthday he had been to five of South Africa’s nine provinces, on 15 flights and to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with us. Basically, we’ve not stayed put for long since he was born and by now he is so used to all the travelling he just adapts to whatever environment he finds himself in. We don’t plan on doing things differently the second time around.Roadtripping on a 150cc was by far the most difficult thing we’ve done.

Not even having children tested us (and our relationship) and taught as much as those seven months on the road in Africa. But, roadtripping with a baby and a bump is no piece of pie either. It is in actual fact quite a challenge for people like us as we find ourselves having to do the one thing we’re really, really bad at … plan ahead!We love off the cuff travelling. That’s how we’ve always done it. No map or plan and let’s see where we end up. During our first visit to Kenya in 2010 we got into a Matatu (local minibus taxi) with nothing but a backpack and asked one of the passengers firstly where we could purchase a tent and then secondly where we could use it to camp for a couple of days. We ended up with a R300 tent, a R50 lilo as a pillow and four amazing nights at the Tiwi resort near Diani Beach in Mombasa (which we returned to during our I do Africa trip).

We’ve always found the most wonderful things and made the best memories by not planning ahead and some of our fondest moments were due to our lack of planning. Think Ethiopia adventures, think Meroe Pyramids in Sudan, think sleeping on open trucks in the Sahara Desert or meeting wonderful new friends in Uganda. Not planning has always been our best plan.

Now however, we have little baby feet in tow, which means we have to at least have one of the three things (that tent, camping spot or lilo) already in the bag upon departure. Not to mention the diapers and snacks… a toddler with a full tummy and a dry bum is a happy little person!

Apart from all the wonderful things we’ve learned since having a child (soon children) planning ahead when we travel is possibly one of the strangest ones. But it ranks right up there with the cliches like “not only living for yourself” and “how to focus less on things like your career, freedom and body”.

We still love off the cuff traveling the most and when the kid(s) aren’t around we go for it but we must say, we’re getting used to planning (just a little) bit ahead these days.

* We’ll share some more about our road trip soon.


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