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Bike Problems

It Never Rains

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning to the worst storm we’ve experienced on this trip. The rain was pouring down on the island and instantly we knew the already rough day ahead would get progressively worse if the cloudburst did not subside by morning.  We ended up on this isle somewhere … Continue reading »

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Breaking Point

Nairobi’s impressive skyline was still visible behind us when we both realised something serious was about to happen. The back tire felt like it was just missing and stopping seemed impossible – an accident was almost certain. We managed to swerve from the middle lane of the highway to the left but the road was just too … Continue reading »

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Slip Sliding Away

Laugh. That is all you can do really. Laugh and giggle as the back wheel of the bike slides out from under us every five meters and Guillaume deliberately explodes with girly screams in an attempt to make light of a muddy, slippery situation. Every time we saw a huge pool of mucky water we knew that … Continue reading »

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The Long Road to Livingstone

Last night we couldn’t sleep. This town was alive with the pumping music of drunkenness. All through the dark hours of the eve they celebrated in their shebeens. Today there is a lack of the usual silence and shame that follows a Saturday. From early in the morning their church buildings have been echoing with … Continue reading »

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Trucking Around

We’ve found that in Namibia trucks are a great way of getting around. They function like taxis but are much more comfortable and can carry the bike too. So, we’ve been trucking around Nam for a couple of days – a huge detour but fun! We first made the discovery of this travel-goldmine at the … Continue reading »

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